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The About U Report is driven by the Birkman Method. Recently Birkman released new Job Families. This changed the About U Report in two ways: first, there are new job families listed and second the Basic Colors report (p. 18) now reports on the work environment that is best suited for you. Related to this development is a new Career Management Plus report which lists all of the new Job Families and reports on the work environment you are best suited to as well as how you operate in the job…

Craig Dalton says that “transparency in our processes, timelines, and purpose ” is “essential” when turning risky ideas into good business. link here

Craig Chappelow says that there are ways to do this–just not the ways that we typically have been told.  Link here.

What skills do I have that match what employers need and where they don’t match how to I turn them into personal assets? Too many of the unemployed do not have the skills that employers now say they need. What happen to “on the job training”? To internships? Apprenticeships? How can employers bring on board motivated workers who need some additional training to meet the demands of the jobs for which they are hired? Today too many employers, out-of –work folks take a narrow view of the…

link here.

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