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The About U Report is dri­ven by the Birk­man Method. Recent­ly Birk­man released new Job Fam­i­lies. This changed the About U Report in two ways: first, there are new job fam­i­lies list­ed and sec­ond the Basic Col­ors report (p. 18) now reports on the work envi­ron­ment that is best suit­ed for you. Relat­ed to this devel­op­ment is a new Career Man­age­ment Plus report which lists all of the new Job Fam­i­lies and reports on the work envi­ron­ment you are best…

Craig Dal­ton says that “trans­paren­cy in our process­es, time­lines, and pur­pose ” is “essen­tial” when turn­ing risky ideas into good busi­ness. link here

Craig Chap­pelow says that there are ways to do this–just not the ways that we typ­i­cal­ly have been told.  Link here.

What skills do I have that match what employ­ers need and where they don’t match how to I turn them into per­son­al assets? Too many of the unem­ployed do not have the skills that employ­ers now say they need. What hap­pen to “on the job train­ing”? To intern­ships? Appren­tice­ships? How can employ­ers bring on board moti­vat­ed work­ers who need some addi­tion­al train­ing to meet the demands of the jobs for which they are hired? Today too many employ­ers, out-of…

link here.

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