When asked, most peo­ple will reply to that ques­tion with “I work for XYZ Cor­po­ra­tion.” In real­i­ty you work for a per­son, a boss.

CNN Mon­ey reg­u­lar­ly pub­lish­es the list of the best com­pa­nies to work for in the coun­try such as Zap­pos, REI, Google, and Weg­mans Food Mar­kets.

Okay, can you assume that you are auto­mat­i­cal­ly going to be sat­is­fied and ful­filled with your work–that the peo­ple around you and your boss will sup­port who you are?

What if your boss at one of these revered com­pa­nies is/was — in your opin­ion — a real jerk, a numb­skull, some­one from the shal­low end of the gene pool.

We believe that it’s your boss, your imme­di­ate super­vi­sor, who has a more impact­ful rela­tion­ship on you and your sense of well being than any sur­vey results.

So when inter­view­ing for a job it is equal­ly impor­tant to pay close atten­tion to the per­son you will be work­ing for than it is to the mar­quee over the com­pa­ny entrance.

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