The About U Report is dri­ven by the Birk­man Method. Recent­ly Birk­man released new Job Fam­i­lies. This changed the About U Report in two ways: first, there are new job fam­i­lies list­ed and sec­ond the Basic Col­ors report (p. 18) now reports on the work envi­ron­ment that is best suit­ed for you.
Relat­ed to this devel­op­ment is a new Career Man­age­ment Plus report which lists all of the new Job Fam­i­lies and reports on the work envi­ron­ment you are best suit­ed to as well as how you oper­ate in the job envi­ron­ment.
Both of these reports are avail­able from Com­pass Set­tings. Just send an email to and request either or both of the reports. Make sure you tell us the name you used when you took the assess­ment.

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