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Barry Lovelace has been an entre­pre­neur and busi­ness advi­sor; exec­u­tive coach and uni­ver­sity researcher and fac­ulty. He’s had con­sult­ing assign­ments with high tech firms, gov­ern­ment agen­cies and ser­vice indus­tries. He’s co-authored a book on gar­den­ing and writ­ten arti­cles rang­ing from regional gov­er­nance to envi­ron­men­tal pol­icy. He is a data junkie whose abid­ing pro­fes­sional inter­est is help­ing teams work bet­ter, and indi­vid­u­als find their pas­sion and pur­pose in life.

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The About U Report is dri­ven by the Birk­man Method. Recent­ly Birk­man released new Job Fam­i­lies. This changed the About U Report in two ways: first, there are new job fam­i­lies list­ed and sec­ond the Basic Col­ors report (p. 18) now reports on the work envi­ron­ment that is best suit­ed for you. Relat­ed to this devel­op­ment is a new Career Man­age­ment Plus report which lists all of the new Job Fam­i­lies and reports on the work envi­ron­ment you are best…

When asked, most peo­ple will reply to that ques­tion with “I work for XYZ Cor­po­ra­tion.” In real­i­ty you work for a per­son, a boss. CNN Mon­ey reg­u­lar­ly pub­lish­es the list of the best com­pa­nies to work for in the coun­try such as Zap­pos, REI, Google, and Weg­mans Food Mar­kets. Okay, can you assume that you are auto­mat­i­cal­ly going to be sat­is­fied and ful­filled with your work–that the peo­ple around you and your boss will sup­port who you…

Advice From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs gave a vale­dic­to­ry to the grad­u­at­ing class at Stan­ford in 2006 that is con­sid­ered a clas­sic and has been wide­ly quot­ed: fol­low your pas­sion; don’t live some­one else’s life. Sound, bril­liant, obser­va­tions. The part of that speech that res­onates for me and that isn’t as wide­ly quot­ed: “When I was 17, I read a quote that went some­thing like: ‘If you live each day as if it was your last, some­day you’ll most cer­tain­ly be…

Making the Sale

I had an open­ing at a firm that I had to fill. So I adver­tised the posi­tion. Scads of appli­cants. The resume sort result­ed in many “no ways” a larg­er num­ber of “so-sos” and a small num­ber of “real prospects.” After inter­view­ing the “real prospects,” it was clear all of them could do the job as well as fit into our orga­ni­za­tion. But there was one can­di­date who, on her way out of my office, turned to me and said “I know there are oth­er…

Monkey Shines

So, are you a mon­key? Here’s the sto­ry: Put three mon­keys in a large cage. In the cen­ter is a met­al lad­der and sus­pend­ed above it a tempt­ing, ripe banana. One mon­key climbs up the lad­der to get the banana. Unbe­knownst to him it is wired to a bat­tery and when part way up a hid­den researcher flips a switch shock­ing the mon­key, who skin­nies down the lad­der. The sec­ond mon­key tries to get the banana with the same effect. But when the third mon­key starts to…

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